April 29, 2020 Alicia Hutzler

5 Inspiring Home Trends We’re Excited to See in Chicago in 2020

The ebb and flow of home design has a unique way of running its course. But then it ultimately comes a time when tired trends need to move on for a bold new wave in architecture and design to come through. 

With a resurgence of innovation and creativity splashed into the home, we feel it’s a good time to highlight a handful of design trends we are excited for in 2020. 

  1. Less is WAY more in kitchen design 

Many homeowners are going to be opting for the ‘less is more’ style when it comes to designing rooms. The trend has been pushing forward for some time now and is pointing towards a modern and cleaner look that provides a relaxed feel. More and more households are opting to simplify and discard unnecessary items that take up more space than the immediate value they provide. Whether it’s concealed appliances or vast marble countertops, kitchens will be decluttered, keeping the room visually calm in 2020.

In 2020, less is WAY more in kitchen design.

In 2020, less is WAY more in kitchen design.

  1. Twin kitchen islands are taking over 

Whether it’s for design or functionality, islands in the kitchen are always a showstopper. But now there’s a new trend taking over: twin islands with two separate roles. One is purely for handling all things social with seating skirted around the edges, while the other is for getting down to work and all things cooking. 

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and the crown jewel of spaces that bring families together to make the fondest memories. When you want to hit the reset button on your kitchen, you’re changing the overall culture, reality, and operations of this space — and twin islands is a bold and innovative way of putting your new stamp on the home. 

Expect to see twin kitchen islands taking over.

Expect to see twin kitchen islands taking over.

  1. Rooms won’t be revolved around the TV set anymore 

Bold call here, but there’s a sweeping new prediction that family rooms will be structured in a way that won’t be as technology-heavy anymore, allowing more for families to relax, read, and converse in. The flat-screen television did wonders in taking a bit of a backseat in the family rooms optics when it was introduced, but it still was the main focal point with how these rooms were organized around it. 

Instead of completely doing without the television, you could try to hang the TV in a narrow space off to the side of a room with one sofa or chair facing it so it doesn’t command the entire rooms’ attention. This makes way for endless options of custom-built bookshelves, fireplaces, or reading nooks that can do the talking now.

  1. Black will likely be making a comeback

“We’re seeing a trend toward more adventurous choices such as special dark, monochromatic and very saturated wall colors.” – Forbes

When neutral color tones took over home interiors, it was almost as if homeowners were playing it a bit safe in the sense of character and adventure present in their space. Now we’re seeing a trend towards very saturated wall colors and bold furniture to stand out in the home.   

5 Inspiring Home Trends We’re Excited to See in Chicago in 2020

You may start seeing saturated wall colors and bold furniture that stands out in the home.

  1. Fantastic Foyers

Until recently, foyers have been a fairly under-appreciated part of any house. Now we’re seeing beautiful architecture take over to create a stylish and welcoming first impression upon entering a home. While it may be overlooked, it’s now being looked at as a graceful transition to the rest of the home. Unforgettable entranceways don’t need to be grand, but you can give it an incredible punch of form and function so you aren’t compromising on the real purpose of the foyer, which is to comfortably enter the home. 

Chicago is known for its iconic and renowned architecture, but some of the simplest beauty can be found in the personal and unique touches within the home. What is on your list for 2020? We’re excited to hear what you want to create!