Fresh Kitchen Designs That Are Ready for Showtime in 2021

December 19, 2020
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December 19, 2020 Brent Widler

Fresh Kitchen Designs That Are Ready for Showtime in 2021

When it comes time to put those long-awaited touches on a home, there are the prominent hot spots that are always looking for some fresh energy to flow in. One of those hot spots is the kitchen. The home’s heartbeat was put on full display in 2020 for reasons serving more than just the preparation and consumption of food. It became a central safe place to gather and catch your breath from the constant battering of news headlines.

It was a place to unwind and escape with family as we put worry aside to slow down and decompress. And most of all, it provided us with comfort and refuge as we shared in the simple things we take for granted, like enjoying a warm meal with loved ones.

The kitchen was one of the unsung heroes of 2020, and now it’s ready for primetime with an even greater focus in 2021. Lean in and explore those simple and straightforward kitchen design shifts we expect to be seeing more of this year.

The multizone kitchen

First things first, the kitchen was called on the step up and moonlight with several different functions. Homeowners needed their kitchens to help out with tasks and allow for other cooks in the kitchen – pun definitely intended. The multizone kitchen idea meant creating additional work zones for food preparation, school work, a soft area to relax by a breakfast bar, and a reading nook. A “work trapezoid” concept has emerged with the focus on dedicated areas for baking, prepping, and chopping, and then having these separate stations for working or enjoying snacks. It’s not a radical idea by any stretch, but it does mean re-evaluating the existing layout to see how to stretch this zone out even more to accommodate.

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Hardworking sink stations

Everyone craves a classic farmhouse sink with the depth and width to cook, clean and cleanse. Everything starts and ends with the kitchen sink. As the idea of kitchens expanding into these multiple zones, it naturally means expanding the kitchen sink zone to accommodate this growth. It’s a central figure in the kitchen workstation and is now getting its long-overdue attention. With augmentations such as the touchless-faucet, or having new components such as a cutting board and drying racks built-in, the kitchen sink is now getting its attention and creativity with how it can play new roles.

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Custom cabinetry that isn’t just for show

The idea of allowing a slightly larger cabinetry that complements the hefty volumes and range in the kitchen is not a new one, but an important one. Adding clean architectural details that provide color contrast to the rest of the room while holding its weight in function as a storage area is essential when thinking of custom cabinetry. Sometimes cabinet designs can get stuck in the 1970’s and we get stuck dealing with this outdated style.

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Letting more natural light spill in

With family time increasing in the kitchen, there needs to be an enhancement of task lighting around the sink or fresh rays of light spilling into the main seating area. This complementary lighting can be like jewelry in a kitchen that brings warmth and comfort, especially in a world where lockdowns and quarantines became ever-present. Letting a 360-degree natural light flow into the room complements the marble countertops in the middle of the kitchen and provides a unique connection to the outdoors.

There’s a shift from focusing on putting everything into the upper cabinets to more usable lower cabinets. Upper pantries are relegated to storing house glasses and a few miscellaneous items. Plates are going in drawers where it’s easier to stack for the kids to get at, and all food is going in the pantry. This opens up the upper walls to allow for windows and a different aesthetic with more natural night pouring in.

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When the idea of going out to eat at restaurants took a huge backseat, it really emphasized the importance of making that upgrade to your kitchen and put these kitchen concepts squarely in the drivers’ seat. Build a space you can feel confident and comfortable with, and nestle into the idea that you can make it happen this year! Have an idea for your kitchen? Let’s chat!