May 13, 2020 Alicia Hutzler

How to make your home fresh and functional during self-isolation 

Here are 6 tips on how to make your space work best for you for any use. 

How to make your home fresh and functional during self-isolation 

How to make your home fresh and functional during self-isolation

Never before has there been a time with this collective period of pause, where we can take a deep breath and rid our lives of anything that doesn’t serve us. As we’re transitioned to the new stay at home orders, our homes and spaces have taken on the role of Swiss Army Knife, catering to every corner of our lives. With this change, our nest has been under the microscope more than ever.

When you think about your home as the fortress and a place of solitude, it can really be a source of calm or a source of stress. And the beautiful thing is that you get to be the CEO of this space and shake out the old to usher in fresh energy. 

Self-isolation has given us a monumental lesson in slowing down and really looking at how we operate. If you’re looking to breathe new life and energy into your world, here are six tips on how to make your space work best for you for any use. 

1. Declutter your canvas 

The first and obvious step is to start with some much-needed spring cleaning. Rid anything in your space that doesn’t serve you. Make a few piles: One that can go to donations, one for keepsakes, and another pile to go to garbage. In order to enhance your sense of wellbeing, it’s important to run through everything that you have and scrutinize this inventory list to see if it makes the cut as you move forward. 

2. Choose one area to work from

This is the one area that a lot of people are struggling with. When one month you have a bulletproof work routine at the office to suddenly being forced to work from home, it can understandably threaten your productivity. 

This is your opportunity to break from the traditional corporate cubicle and design something that empowers you. Creating your own concentrated office space can be as simple as having a dedicated and decluttered desk, warm and natural lighting, and preferably a slice of your home that can get closed off for silence. Try bringing in an exercise ball to sit on to follow proper ergonomic rules with thoughtful personalization tidbits that make you happy. 

3. Rearrange your furniture 

Have you ever played that game Wordscapes? In the game, you try to make words out of a jumble of letters. You get the option to rearrange the letters you’re given for a new perspective to help with clarity. The same concept applies here. By simply switching up the furniture placement in a room, you can maximize the floor space and create a healthy flow so you don’t feel confined or cramped. 

You really want it to feel cozy, yet spacious. Warm, but inviting. Try moving bulky furniture a few notches so it doesn’t block any walking paths. Mix up the lighting to seat pairing. Make your furniture work for you, rather than against you. It could also spur the idea to downsize on furniture to really let your space breathe. 

4. Add a touch of cozy into your spaces 

Add soft lighting strings around window ledges or splashed across a wall. Fluffy pillows, candles, and plants are the perfect furnishings regardless of the season. Decorate some empty space on the wall with photos or a nice mirror to complement the personality of the room. These unique touches can really infuse a sense of character in a space. 

5. Design a yoga studio and work out area 

The trick here is to make more with less when it comes to your workout space. Ideally, something that is off the beaten path and out of the way in the home—like a backroom or basement—where you can create your physical command center. Put some mats down, bring in the portable speaker, and limit the distractions in the area so your primary focus is concentrated in front of you. 

6. Infuse stability into the kitchen 

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. Just like unhealthy cardiovascular systems, the kitchen can get clogged and backed up with all kinds of stuff. The cabinets are filled with chaos and hold the remnants of a long, lost trip to the grocery store. Dust collects, tabletop real estate builds up with unused items, and let’s be honest—clutter doesn’t make for the most inviting dinner companion. The kitchen is your nucleus for the family to gather, so target it at the top of your hit list when it comes time to reduce or recycle.  

At the start of 2020, nobody could have predicted that our homes would have to serve so many purposes all at once and so suddenly. If you want to revamp and re-evaluate your space, simple touches can make all the difference. And when we do go back to “normal life” after this, we can take a lot of life lessons from this with regard to how we approach the home.