Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights is a beautiful home built on a large lot with a great backyard.

The main goal here was to create an outdoor space for the kids and take advantage of the landscape’s natural contours. We covered the back porch and added a pergola roof configuration that was neatly placed right over the dining area while an outdoor fireplace to complement the space.

The main goal was to drive as much natural light into the home as possible. With this being very important to the owners, we incorporated a design aspect to flood every room with natural light while still being tied to a modern farmhouse aesthetic. We sourced natural stone to create a healthy contrast against the white. Because it was a big house, the goal was to update it with more modest sized rooms, but with a larger, more relaxed family room and kitchen so everyone can gather around.

A lot of the interior beams were locally sourced and used as accent pieces throughout the interior of the space to give us a real warm, natural vibe to it. We blended the exterior colors into the wooded areas behind the home, and picked the color so it meshed well with the natural beauty that hugged the space.

Contractor: SMART Construction Group

Interior Design: Wike Lafrey

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