1145 Concord Lane

Type: Private Residence
Location: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Size: Master suite addition / Exterior remodel
Completion: 2011

Located in Hoffman Estates, this outdated 1970s suburban home was in need of a facelift and expansion. The home, once dark and dull, was brightened with new ivory siding and tri-colored stone. A fresh white trim now accents the home’s structure and frames new windows.

A banal, chocolate-stained garage was given a fresh look with windows, trim and a fresh coat of white paint, while the home’s front sheet-metal doors were replaced with inviting, detailed oak doors. Above the garage, a second-story addition now includes a master suite equipped with two walk-in closets and a sweeping mater bathroom.

Despite a limited budget, Widler Architectural was able to bring to life an elaborate renovation that transformed the look and space of a once obsolete home.