2935 Harrison St.

Type: Private Residence
Location: Evanston, Illinois

Size: 3000 SQ FT
Completion: 2007

This growing North Shore family was looking to add on to their 80-year-old home. But the antiquated house, which had been through several renovations and additions over the course of its lifetime, was in need of more than just another structural attachment.

To create a sense of uniformed design, Widler Architectural removed an existing addition and replaced it with a two-story home extension that brought together the look of the entire residence. As part of the new addition, the family gained a master suite topped with vaulted ceilings, a large master bath, increased closet space, a multi-sided fireplace in the master bedroom, and a study with built-in seating and bookshelves on the first floor. The design also included the rehab of two full bathrooms on the second level. The project was completed with a new front porch, reconfigured rooflines, new exterior siding / detailing and landscaping, increasing the curbside appeal in this historic neighborhood.

By keeping the number of walls to a minimum and focusing on the original design intent of the home, Widler Architectural was able to deliver a modern living space with a traditional feel.