3152 Harrison

Type: Private Residence
Location: Evanston, Illinois

Size: Family room  & Master suite addition / conversion
Completion: 2008

Looking to add square footage to their existing home, this growing family retained Widler Architectural to expand and transform their residence. Originally, the house included a disjointed, second-floor add-on wrapped in metal siding and topped with a level roof. To create a seamless look, Widler replaced the façade with congruent brick and added a gable roof.

With a new structure in place, the master bedroom was transformed to include vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, built-in cabinets and a bench seat. A new master bathroom was laid with pebble-stone flooring in the shower and complemented with marble finishes on the floor and vanity top.

On the first floor, a front-facing garage was converted into a family room with an office and storage area. Where a rustic garage door once stood, a modern window now overlooks a landscaped yard. Inside, the existing brick of the old garage has been cleaned and left exposed adding character to the living space.