928 Asbury Ave.

Type: Private Residence
Location: Evanston, Illinois

Size: Kitchen / Master Bedroom Renovation
Completion: 2009

Rather than buying new, a young Evanston family hired Widler Architectural to pinpoint investment potential within their existing space. Room by room, Widler completely remodeled the residence while substantially increasing the home’s market value.

By removing the wall between the dining and kitchen rooms, the space was opened to reveal a well-lit and contiguous floor plan. The expanse, now capable of maximizing family and guest entertainment, is filled with a warm, rich color palette and accented with six silk-wrapped hanging light fixtures.

On the attic story, a dated master bedroom was transformed into a birch-floored loft space. The layout now includes a sleeping area and an office for two, which are divided by an inset art showcase. Two roof windows were installed to allow for natural southern lighting, and the level is enriched with recessed lighting, a built-in media center and a new walk-in closet.