Three Inspiring Home Trends We Could All Use More of

August 24, 2021
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August 24, 2021 Brent Widler

Three Inspiring Home Trends We Could All Use More of

To say that the global health crisis took its toll would be an understatement. The effects of the pandemic have been felt in our homes and reverberated throughout our communities. While much has already been documented, it’s important to flip the script from the negative and look at some of this from a different and positive lens.

This time we’re putting the home front and center with some of the fundamental ways we now view our homes given everything it did for us over the past year.

  1. Softer (and larger) features in the bathroom for some “you time.”

While most renovating homeowners choose to keep their bathroom size unchanged, the idea of making their showers bigger is coming into vogue.

A soothing bathroom style will always be in style. Everything from wall tile in a brick pattern – which remains popular – to creating a clean, luxurious look in the bathroom highlighted the best in class in 2020. Bathrooms are our personal sanctuaries. Consider adding an open shower, complete with porcelain panels for comfort and security, and a touch of greenery draped over the top to complete the relaxed Bali feel.

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  1. Personal and productive work nooks need an upgrade

For so many of us, our work lives were forever altered in March 2020. While the professional workforce will eventually ease back into old routines, the at-home office is here to stay. Having a compact and efficient work nook is essential for top-tier productivity. A closed-off space provides all the functions needed to work on a laptop, participate in video meetings, and manage the household empire. Giving your work area a bit more space, and see how you can repurpose underutilized zones in the home to put your professional mark on it.

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  1. Create an inviting outdoor living space

From the inside to outside! While we are all felt the effects of travel restrictions and lack of summer getaways, many of the outdoor and adventure starved turned inwards to their properties to make the magic happen. As the world slowly begins to open back up again, there truly is no place like home to build your own wanderlust experience.

Check out these inspiring ideas on how to turn your outdoor oasis into your own personal getaway!

  • A Backyard Cottage

Setting up a pergola is a relatively quick and affordable solution. These simple shade structures offer privacy from next door and an easy complement to the rest of the backyard. Perfect for an outside reading area, meditation spot, yoga studio, coffee spot, or an extended patio dining experience.

Now the pergola isn’t the only idea to set up, because the concept of a mini backyard cottage is taking flight. It’s a dedicated space with the flow and energy is utterly separate from the home – just like any cottage would be. These are standalone structures that have mini-escapes and living areas or can just a place to completely disconnect with a hobby. If you have the backyard space, it’s a great option to take charge and design the way you want to relax.

  • Soothing swimming pools

If you were to take a straw poll of all the top landscape professionals in 2020, the overwhelming majority will say that swimming pools were the top requested project from homeowners. If you have plans to add a pool for summertime – now is the time to make it happen.

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  • Peaceful gardens to Zen out

When looking at the backyard, some families are hoping to enhance their dining areas, lounging, and playtime, while others opt for the minimalist route and seek a quiet, tranquil space that gives a much-needed break from the rigors of day-to-day life. Unplug from work, school, and the never-ending news cycle in your Zen garden. Bring moments of serenity to you with the simple investment that pays dividends every time you step in it.

Make the most of the winter downtime and get ahead on your home revitalizations. Let’s reverse engineer your home touches and put a plan in place today!