July 15, 2021 Alicia Hutzler

Top 10 Home Studios and Studies For a Splash of Inspiration

There’s a reason psychologists say you shouldn’t work in the same space you sleep and eat, but the pandemic has made this a difficult rule to follow. The pandemic has transformed our beds and dining rooms, places we relax and unwind into work-from-home powerhouses. Creating your own separate space for work will not only be beneficial for your productivity, but also for your mental health. 

Here are some of the best home studios and studies for you to draw inspiration from for your next renovation project.

Family-Friendly Study and Workspace

It’s open and large, fit for someone who needs a lot of space for design projects, paperwork, or kids who come home with lots of homework. A Corian slab sits on top of the desktop so there’s no need to worry about markers or paint spills. With lush views to keep motivation up during the day and overhead lights for the nighttime, this family-friendly, easy-to-install workspace is ideal for almost any home.

Example of a family-friendly workspace. Wooden desk and chairs situated in front of three large windows.

Photo Credit: Ema Peter / House & Home

Celebrity: Danny Elfman

Film composer, Elfman, best known for his work in Spider-Man, Good Will Hunting and The Girl on the Train, recently gave a sneak peek inside his home and studio that he purchased with his wife, actress Bridget Fonda. Located in the basement of his house, this is where Elfman has composed much of his work over the last two decades. Almost every room in the home has a bright pop of colour that becomes that room’s main identity. Their kitchen is yellow, the living room green, and the studio red. While the equipment has changed over the years, the drapes, rug, and furniture have mostly stayed the same. This is quite the shift from the more dark, modern look people tend to go for in their homes and studios nowadays.

Workspace filled with red and darker tones.

Photo Credit: Simon Berlyn / Williams and Williams

Mid-Century Modern Design

This home office is described as a love letter to the mid-century modern design by House & Home. With plenty of natural light, this is a crisp and clean look with a vintage teak Poul Cadovius wall unit and a Muuto light fixture for the nighttime. The table is by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller. As described by the homeowner, there is just something about white furniture that really provides a clean slate for almost any space. Consider this design if you’re interested in the minimalist style or love the white-and-wood look.

Minimalist, white-and-wood style office.

Photo Credit: Kim Jeffery / House & Home

Celebrity: Leonardo DiCaprio

The Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood star Leanardo DiCaprio listed his former LA home for $3.4M back in 2019, nearly doubling the price after flipping it. Among the revamped elements of the house, the home office really stood out. This sunken study located near the bottom of the steps looked quite remarkable. It’s different from other offices. The desk is off-centre and there’s a pop of yellow with the chairs and lamp, complemented by the white rug underneath. This is the perfect setup for someone that might not need a desk 24/7 (say, an actor, for instance) but would still like one for light tasks and work.

Bright workspace composed of a large dark desk, yellow-ish chairs and lamp, a white rug, and a big plant in a corner of the room.

Photo Credit: Compass 

The Harry Potter Office

Could you believe this used to be a powder room? We couldn’t either. Apparently, it was so squished and small, there wasn’t even any room to stand in there, so the owners fixed that in the best way possible. Now there sits a compact desk the homeowners can use when working from home. The chair slides under the desk perfectly to save space and there is plenty of natural light to make the space feel brighter and more spacious. Coined after the boy who used to live under the stairs, this little nook is perfect for an office. 

Study under a staircase.

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay / House & Home

Celebrity: Twenty-One Pilots

Back in 2018, the duo was on tour promoting their Trench album. They could do their writing on the road but lead vocalist Tyler Joseph built a home studio in his Columbus basement for recording. “For the writing and recording of Trench, I knew I needed to be home. In order to do that, I needed a studio built in my basement. Watching the space come to life alongside the record itself was something I wanted to share.”

Instagram photo of Tyler Joseph sitting in a room filled with piano keyboards and guitars.

Photo Credit: Tyler Joseph / Instagram

A Hint of Blue

In this sophisticated family home sits a home office that lives up to its name. It’s serious and elegant, but a splash of cobalt blue in the chair softens the edges.  The whole home has this cobalt blue accent —  in the staircase rug, the light fixtures, paintings, etc, help keep the house a bit more playful and inviting. This is something to consider if you plan on going for a more dark-wall, serious look. The chair was sourced from a flea market in Paris and the artwork gives the space some character.

Fireplace installed into dark brown walls that are complemented with light accents, including a white desk, lamp, curtains, and a blue chair.

Photo Credit: Angus Fergusson / House & Home 

Celebrity: Meghan Trainor

At the start of 2021, singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor bought an LA mansion for $6.6M from Doug Jordan, also known as rapper TMG Fresh. The previous owner built a home studio in a separate two-story guesthouse on the property. It’s been decked out with LED lights and starry skies as well as a castle motif around the control area. The centre of the control room floor features what appears to be an in-ground hot tub now covered up and made a display piece of the studio. Any way you slice it, this studio is no joke. It might look beautiful, but it’s home for some serious work, pulling some kicking-and-screaming into existence.

Meghan Trainor's workspace.

Photo Credit: Prosound

The Leafy Office

Green energizes a room, and for an office that couldn’t be more important. In this Montreal home, the owners decided on wallpaper for their office and it couldn’t have turned out better. The verdant banana leaf-printed wallpaper is mesmerizing, almost hypnotic in pattern, all while the mid-century modern furniture keeps the space grounded. The wallpaper is also punctured by sculpted sconces that add to the room’s mid-century flair. The room is vibrant, yet not too overwhelming.

Green leafy wallpaper complemented with brown furniture.

Photo Credit: Maxime Desbiens / Home & Home

Celebrity: Deadmau5

Taking almost two years to complete, the Canadian producer and DJ’s home studio was finally completed in 2019. Designed by Pilchner Schoustal, the entire studio is built on floating floors with access panels to wiring and equipment. The ceilings are walnut, which delivers a clean design. His equipment consists of a sound system with two mounted ATC 300 speakers, a series of ATC 25 ceiling speakers, a 5.1 and 7.1 midfield surround system and 11.3 Dolby Atmos system.

Deadmau5's home studio.

Photo Credit: Pilchner Schoustal 

A place for you to be creative and productive away from your living space will always be an asset to your home. Let us help you get started today with planning and designing your new home studio or study!