What to Remember When Working With Your Architect

August 19, 2022 Brent Widler

What to Remember When Working With Your Architect

When you’re building your most valuable asset, it’s a commitment to making your own unique mark in this world. And with so much on the line, you want to hire a highly skilled professional to translate every nuance you can imagine into a tangible reality. Putting your aspirations into motion is no small feat. It’s the sum total of all those years of relentless hard work that will culminate into a beautifully finished project.

When investing such a significant amount of time, money and energy into building your sanctuary, you want to love every crevasse from top to bottom. This is a beautiful chapter in life when you get the ability to handcraft a home that caters to your lifestyle, your family, your health and your future.

Architects make the plans, design the buildings and coordinate construction – but they’re also guiding you through this entire flow. Consider this some architectural food for thought as we dive right into a few areas – or blindspots – to remember that sometimes gets overlooked or forgotten when working with an architect.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Make a point to connect with your architect – and not just the builder

This is one of the most overlooked areas throughout the entire home building relationship: focusing solely on building a relationship with the contractor and not the architect.

Now this by no means is downplaying the importance of a solid, two-way relationship with the builder. However, it is wise to connect with your architect as they will be there to give guidance and valuable information throughout the entire process.

Keep the lines of communication open, fluid and honest. You want to feel confident there is a common vision being shared, and everyone should feel comfortable with the feedback and pushback that is given when needed. There is a lot of emotional investment on the line when building your dream home. Do it right and spend the time building a healthy two-way street relationship with your architect.

Be purposeful with what you’re looking for

Start with creating a list of project goals. Focus on what you want to achieve, and make note of all your requirements. When working closely with your architect, they will be able to take these goals and develop the most cost effective and design-oriented solution that satisfies your working budget and the overall vision.

Architects have the unique ability to see everything from a wide lens that many involved in the process don’t see because of being so close to the front lines of the project. Lean on this perspective through planning to completion because they will be the small differences that add up when the finishing touches are complete.

Remember what is important – while remaining flexible

Building your home is truly one of the most expensive investments you will make in your lifetime. In order to truly be in love with your space, remember what is the driving force behind all this, and how to critically separate the needs and wants.

With your architect overseeing your project and navigating all the finer points of feasibility in between, there will undoubtedly be a real level of honesty and flexibility from both parties. Some things won’t be as realistic and it will come down to being decisive and finding new inspiration in areas that an open mind can only provide.

Recognize that certain decisions push the budget more than anticipated

When you get into the nitty gritty with the construction documents phase, when you attach yourself to certain choices or decisions, they can push the budget further than what was anticipated. In order to avoid “scope creep,” there has to be some flexibility and understanding that some decisions can stretch the budget.

Architects translate your needs into a functional and gorgeous design – but there will be many peaks and valleys throughout the journey – because that’s really what this entire process is. You’re going on a unique road trip with your architect riding shotgun as a companion on a fascinating and transcending ride.

Establishing a phenomenal rapport with someone who shares your project’s vision and can infuse a wealth of creativity and innovation into your ideas is a wise investment that will pay dividends for years to come with an outstanding finished product you keep falling in love with.