Location: Chicago, IL

Originally built in 1902, the Byron House is the first Platinum Certified LEED® v4 for Building Design and Construction for Homes and Multifamily Low Rise housing projects in Chicago. Platinum level is the highest distinction for LEED® certified buildings. The Byron House scored 83 points through efficiency measures, smart location and quality indoor air features.

The mission was to create a traditional, yet comfortable environment by transforming an older home into a healthy and efficient home – all while dealing with the constraints of an urban environment.

All lighting fixtures and mechanical systems were thoughtfully replaced to hit the efficiency, health, and comfort goals of the Newman Family. Windows were replaced, locally sourced materials were used wherever possible, including natural stones and local drywall, all while achieving a 92% construction recycling rate.

This achievement in sustainable design and heritage home renovation proves older homes can be energy efficient and use healthy, modern materials while still preserving their historic charm.

The effort to reach the highest level of sustainability included a collaboration from consultant Robyn Vettraino from Verde, who is a LEED Accredited Professional.

LEED Consultant: Robyn Vettraino, Verde

Contractor: Wolff Contracting and Development

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