After completing Dermatology Associates’ initial office in 2003, Widler Architecture completed two more of their offices, marking this the 4th project the two companies have collaborated on. 

Usually, dermatology offices boast huge, sterile waiting rooms designed to turn out a lot of patients. In the post-COVID “new normal,” there are many added safety measures to comply with. Still, the client’s top priority was to welcome their patients warmly. This was achieved by adding cozy wooden accents, a warm color palette, and contemporary light fixtures to evoke a sense of calm. 

The space in the middle was designed to serve as a central nurse’s station, making it a convenient location for everyone in the office. In addition, this hub has a natural, circular flow to help simplify how employees move through the spaces. Finally, art nooks and other natural home elements were added to the lobby to create a contemporary yet inviting feel.

Construction: PBS Build

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