After completing the initial office in 2003, Widler Architecture eventually did two more offices for Dermatology Associates, making this our 4th project collaborating on. Traditionally, you have these dermatology offices with huge waiting rooms that are designed to be turning out a lot of patients. Now with our “new normal” in place to comply with safety measures, there has to be a frame and a plexiglass divider to protect everyone’s health and safety. However, we wanted to incorporate something still welcoming to patients, so we added a lot of warm, wooden accents and curved, tiled elements so patients could feel comfortable and relaxed. 


We intended to make the space in the middle serve as the central hub where the nurse’s station can be a convenient location for everyone in the clinic. This had a natural, circular flow to help simplify their days and how they moved through the spaces for more efficient use of their time. In addition, we wanted to create some little moments of interest in the front lobby, such as little art nooks and things like that, to add some detail and a warmer presence to the space.

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