Location: Downers Grove, IL

At Shine Pediatric Dentistry, their mission is to encourage you to “Be Your Brightest Self” – and that ethos certainly made its mark on the inspiration for this design.

Dr. Lynse Briney wanted to start her own self-contained dental practice with the ability to grow into it. This former attorney’s office is stand-alone building in Downers Grove, Illinois, that made it easy with its own parking lot, and for families to come and go without

We went into this design with a vision of framing it around “child sophistication.” Meaning that this wasn’t to be overly kid-like and stuffed animals lying all over the place. We added a fish tank to help strengthen this design, but still keeping it contemporary without being cold. This was a complete gut that required us to restore the indoor air after this complete renovation. We incorporated strong visual design elements to make it a comfortable place, met with warm, jewel tones and playful colors.

With a fresh look, tons of natural light spilling in and the light interior that flows through all corners of the clinic, this new layout is perfect to keep all the little ones smiling!

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